Torre di Bellosguardo Florence - Italy


An avenue lined with ancient cypresses accompanies the guests of the Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo to the entrance of the hotel where an imposing statue of Charity by the famous sculptor Francavilla is the first welcome that guests seeking a special stay in a Florence hotel will experience. The villa’s ample ballroom is decorated with 15th. century frescoes by the famous Poccetti. The halls are adorned with stone carved fireplaces. Between villa and tower there are a succession of small rooms where the atmosphere and decorations still have the power to evoke images of past splendours and a noble lifestyle. Today it is where you will be welcomed with all the comforts of one of the best 4-star hotels of Florence.

The hotel is surrounded by a large garden where you can take a pleasant stroll among flowers, through the secret passages and hidden corners, pausing by the pool to enjoy the marvellous view of Florence from the hill.

As in the past, the Torre di Bellosguardo estate has a small farm with a totally organic vegetable garden that provides fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast and snacks as well as a pet collection of farm animals (three donkeys, a pony, ducks and hens) which delight children exploring the property.

The hotel is entirely air-conditioned and offers a fax service at the reception, Wi-Fi, a computer with Internet, daily newspapers, transfer services and guided tours ( upon request). A separate room seats 30 persons for small meetings and a free-of charge underground garage is available for guests' cars. Small pets are welcome!


Guido Cavalcanti Dante's dear friend recalled in the famous verses "Guido, i’ vorrei che tu e Lapo ed io / fossimo presi per incantamento…" (Guido, I wish that you, Lapo and I/were taken by enchantment...) and also an excellent poet, had the Torre di Bellosguardo built in 1200 as a hunting lodge and family home. In 1500 the Marquises Roti Michelozzi wanted a larger, more noble residence and summoned artists to decorate it including the painter Bernardino Poccetti, the artist of the frescoes in the entry hall and the sculptor Pietro Francavilla who sculpted the splendid Charity that is still above the entrance to welcome the hotel's guests. During the 1920s and 1930s, the Baroness Marion von Hornstein-Franchetti turned the Torre di Bellosguardo into a salon for nobles and intellectuals from all over Europe. Today, Torre di Bellosguardo is still surrounded by the silence of the garden and the hills, a haven of ancient and noble history that it shares everyday with its guests as a hotel of rare comfort and atmosphere.